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Little yellow steam cleaner

Fee: £ 7.50 for 7 days

Location: Rumney, 50 Brachdy Road, CF3 3BG
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Little yello
Code: BBDB-0470

About this item

A massive steam force for impressive cleaning results
Ready to use within just a few minutes from start-up
Comprehensive collection of tools to tackle most cleaning jobs
Ergonomic carrying handle for ease of use
Comes with instruction manual and a Handy guide
For impressive cleaning results all around the home, look no further than this compact and stylish steam pressure cleaner. The Little Yello Steam Machine works by heating water and creating steam pressure in the boiler. Once up to pressure (just a few minutes from start-up) massive steam force is available instantly using the steam trigger. The safety pressure cap has two built in levels of protection; these are designed to prevent accidental opening and to protect against excess pressure build up. The comprehensive collection of tools can tackle most cleaning jobs in and around the home. The on-board tool storage (for the every day tools) and ergonomic carry handle makes cleaning and manoeuvring easier. Tools include

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Rumney, 50 Brachdy Road, CF3 3BG