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Amplifier (A1, Integrated)

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Location: Rumney, 50 Brachdy Road, CF3 3BG
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Cambridge Audio
Code: BBDB-0397

Cambridge Audio A1 (Black)
Stereo Amplifier

Comes with four line inputs and a tape monitor, there are treble, bass and balance controls. Sound quality of the A1 is detailed and warm but never harsh and the bass is tight and rythmic. At 30 watts per channel into 8 oms, the Cambridge Audio A1 may not be the most powerful amplifier in the world but ideal for a starter budget system or for use in a secondary system in a small room. The Cambridge Audio A1 is best matched with a speakers who have a sensitivity in the region of 86-90db due to the power output.

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Rumney, 50 Brachdy Road, CF3 3BG